How to boost your checkout rate

Checkout Boost - The most easiest way for you to increase conversion rate and gain new customers from social networks.

It is essential that checkout process on your site works smoothly and in a most simple way. Consumers just don’t want to go through 4-5 pages to checkout. This process should be as quick as possible, yet requires some motivation to encourage customers to complete purchases.

Last-minute promotion

If you send customers a promo code right when they first enter your site, there’s a high chance that they forget the code when checking out. There’s nothing worse, right?

Encourage those shoppers to complete purchase by including the promo code right on the checkout page.

Free gift

Recommend related products before checkout – more appealing if it’s free gift. It works particularly well when shoppers can have everything they need to get the most out of their purchase.

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For example: get a leather belt for free when purchasing a beautiful dress.

Free Shipping – Key to Customer Recommendations

No need to say much, free shipping is definitely a push to motivate customers’ purchase decision.


Exclusively for Shopify stores, Checkout Boost is designed to boost your checkout rate and bring new customers to your store.

This app allows you to set free gifts, free shipping or discount (of your choice) to customers if they share their cart on Facebook, Twitter,… It will not only encourage them to finish their cart to catch your offer, but it will also help you reach more new customers on social networks.

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Free ship / Free gift / Discount can be set for many purposes:

  • Add free gifts some specific products. For example: buy iPhone get a cover for free
  • Add free ship or discount depending on the amount in cart (greater than or less than is both applicable)
  • Mix condition. For example: cart which contains “T-shirt” product and has total amount greater than $50 

What are your favorite Checkout Conversion motivators?


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